Research and Development

We strongly believe that the success key lies in providing to our customers quality and original products, customized to each ones needs. In order to fulfill this, we have a fully equipped laboratory and with constantly updating and researching, we work together closely with them to develop innovative and integrated solutions that meet the needs of each one as well as the market trends. In addition, we are continually trying to upgrade and improve the products we already have and the processes we use for their production.

Certification - Safety

The company meets the requirements of standard ISO 22000:2018 and HACCP, having been certified by the agency MTIC Intercert Hellas. For mechanical equipment, a CIP (Clean In Place) cleaning system is used to ensure product safety. Finally, systematic checks
are carried out throughout the production process.

Packaging & Disposal

A proper and effective packaging completes a quality product. For that purpose, we provide several options and we always recommend the one that best suits each product and each customer needs. All of our packaging materials are intended for food application.
Tank truck
up to 27.000 kg
up to 1.450 kg

180 – 280 Kg

5-25 kg

Plastic Jerrycan
10 – 35 kg
As our primary goal is to offer complete solutions to each customer, we provide multiple choices in transport and deliver of our products. Having close partners in the field of transport, we undertake to organize the distribution of our products in the most efficient and beneficial way. Finally, the strategic position of the company, near Athens and Piraeus, enable our products to have direct and easy access to our customers in all parts of Greece as well as in any other country.